A Trusted Harassment Lawyer Can Help You File a Lawsuit

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Genie Harrison knows how to fight for sexual harassment victims. She will review your company’s policies and internal complaint procedures.

Unlawful workplace sexual harassment includes requests for sexual favors, offensive remarks about your sex, groping, touching, or offensive images. The harasser may be a coworker or someone not affiliated with your employer.

Find an Attorney You Can Trust

A good harassment lawyer can help you determine whether your case meets the required legal standards. For example, they can make you aware of filing deadlines, and what type of evidence you may need to gather. Your attorney will also want to know if you formally reported the inappropriate behavior to your supervisor or human resources. In addition, they will likely ask if you saved emails or any other records.

It’s important to note that harassment can happen at any level of the workplace. Regardless of your position within the company, you could be harassed by a coworker or even the owner of the business. Additionally, your employer could be held liable for sexual harassment if you can prove that management knew about the problem and failed to take actionable corrective measures. Ultimately, it’s always best to speak with a Brooklyn harassment attorney right away to learn about your legal options. This can give you the best chance of a positive outcome for your lawsuit.

Keep Records

It is crucial to keep a complete record of any harassment you experience. This includes dates, locations, detailed descriptions of the incidents, and any witnesses. Also, it is a good idea to save any emails or text messages from your harasser.

You may need to provide this information to your attorney as evidence. Sexual harassment is not only illegal but can also be a violation of your rights in the workplace. It is important to understand that the harassment must be so severe or pervasive that a reasonable person in your shoes would find it unacceptable.

Additionally, you should never be punished for reporting sexual harassment. Under both California and federal laws, your employer or coworkers cannot punish you for seeking justice. If they do, it could be grounds for a lawsuit.

Don’t Delete Emails or Texts

If your employer has not addressed the situation or retaliated against you after you have attempted to resolve it internally, contact an experienced sexual harassment lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney will help you understand your rights, review company policies, and analyze any evidence you may have gathered. It is important to keep emails and texts that detail incidents of workplace sexual harassment, as these can serve as valuable evidence in your case. Verbal sexual harassment can include degrading comments, sex-based jokes or epithets, and inappropriate texting or email content. Other forms of sexual harassment can include inquiring about your sex or sexual orientation, asking embarrassing questions that make you feel uncomfortable, and quid pro quo sexual harassment. Your NYC sexual harassment lawyer can help you determine what type of sexual harassment has occurred and file a legal claim.

Report the Incident

The first step is reporting the incident to your employer. Whether it is an upper management official or a coworker in a lower position, the company could be held liable for sexual harassment if it knew of it and did not take reasonable corrective actions.

Your attorney will want to know if you followed your employer’s formal policies regarding sexual harassment. They will also want to know if you reported it directly to your supervisor or someone else with decision-making authority in your organization. They will also ask if you saved copies of any communications, such as emails or journal entries.

Many employees are hesitant to report harassment for fear of losing their job or being retaliated against by their employer. However, it is illegal for employers to retaliate against employees who report sexual harassment. Your trusted harassment lawyer will ensure you follow proper protocol in order to be protected from retaliation. They will also advise you on how to document your case and the information you need to provide to police.